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Denver, Colorado – A cannabis Powerhouse


The Bean Bank is suiting up and opening its front doors. We have big dreams, and even bigger plans for the future. So we decided to send our very own ‘Prince Of Seeds’ to Denver Colorado, to check out what the cannabis industry is like on the other side of the world. This is what he has to say:

Landing in Denver in the middle of a thunderstorm, our first impressions weren’t great. The altitude change and jet lag really got to me after the long haul flight from Iceland. A warm breeze in the air, I am far from home. It feels overwhelming as we drive to where I’ll be living for the next couple of months.

The cannabis culture is a wild contrast to what I am used to. After the jet lag effects wore off I decided to make my way to DownTown Denver. Ducking into every dispensary I could find walking down 15th street, I quickly noticed the differences regulating this plant can do. An air of professionally, and a sense of pride threw me completely off. Not what I’m used to back home.

I eventually found my favorite dispensary and settled on them being my suppliers of my first American smoke. After browsing their extensive displays of edibles, premium nugs, and lavish pipes, I make my way to the bud tenders station where I have a friendly, but well trained professional help me out. The conversation starts with ‘How can we get you high today?’.

The regular fear and anxiety that comes with buying weed on the streets of South Africa was not present. No where to be seen in fact. I let her explain to me the variates and types of edibles and types of bud they had. I settled with two containers of THC gummies, packed with 10mg THC per gummy. They have been absolutely magical to take throughout the day. Then we picked up some Biker Kush and Bordello, two Indica heavy strains to keep us in the relaxed Denver mood.

As I explore more of the city I see how this town fosters expansion in the cannabis industry. The week to come is full of networking meetings and events to meet professionals in the business. As we start exploring more neighborhoods we understand why legalizing this plant can only create more profits and opportunity for a cities economy.

We will keep you up to date as we continue with out journey through this awesomely liberal city!

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