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Much like the dangerous African snake, the Black Mamba is not a strain to mess with. If a less experienced user comes into contact with a Black Mamba, we recommend you not make any sudden movements and slowly walk back from where you came. A strain thats lineage has been lost, but due to its appearance we can only speculate its a descendant of the the Black Domina and Grand-daddy Purple. The dense grape flavored nugs can be attributed to the GDP, and its dark green/almost purple leaves can be attributed to the Black Domina. Grow at your own risk! Watch out, this strain bites!

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Flowering Time

7-9 weeks


A moderate to high yielding plant


A fruity and sweet grape flavor. The buds have that pungent smell associated with strong Indicas!


Relaxed and Sleepy are the two main effects of the Mamba. An indica that doesn't knock you back immediately. But a strain that will put you to nap time. Best used for insomnia.

Draw Backs

For inexperienced users, it may cause slight hints of anxiety. Beware of the munchies. Have a treat ready.

3 reviews for Auto Mamba

  1. Juan

    Bought 3 bean pack planted them in September, October and November respectively and only 1 sprouted, and all 3 failed. I was quite unhappy about this.

  2. Westwood

    Copped 2 so far and both have popped ๐Ÿ’š

  3. Werner

    Pop 3 and 2 sprouted monster plants

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