Sally from the Valley




The long awaited Sally from the Valley. Another must have genetic bread by local South African breeder, Seedy Underbelly. A locally based, South African breeder who’s been breeding for quite some time. Combining passion and patience, some truly golden genetics have been born. Under going a strenuous breeding process, you know these seeds are nothing but the best.

Sally from the Valley has notably been attributed a tasty and fruity terpine profile. Carrying ancient Transkai landrace genetics in her genome, this wonderchild does incredibly well in outdoor conditions. Although considered a landrace, she still packs an amazing yield. However strong the buds or mesmerized by the symmetrical nature of her foliage, the fruity tones produced during flower will transport you. Acclimatized to SA heat and strong winds, she won’t disappoint if you treat her well.

Have more questions about the strain? Ask them directly to the breeder, Seedy Underbelly. 


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